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Bed & Breakfast Antico Pòrtego

Casa Antico Portego is...

... ideal for who wants to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a Venetian house of the early '900, preserved with original furniture.
Its rooms are in the same historical building dating back to sixteenth century that also houses the AP Exclusive

Antico Portego Exclusive is...

... the perfect choice for who is looking for an historical Venetian Home, dating back to the sixteenth century, not giving up the pleasure of modern comforts.
Completely renovated, AP Exclusive combines maximum comfort with the excitement of a historical building

Casa Antico Portego

Bed & Breakfast Antico Pòrtego

Antico Portego Exclusive

Bed & Breakfast Antico Pòrtego

Welcome to Bed & Breakfast Antico Pòrtego

Benvenuti al Bed & Breakfast Antico Pòrtego

Venice is a city full of surprises and a secret gardens.
A treasure is hidden behind each door and we want to share ours with you as our guests.
Open the door and come in … We have two houses between which you can choose:
Casa Antico Portego and Casa Antico Portego Exclusive
Our Bed & Breakfast is situated on a place which is easy to reach.