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Bed & Breakfast Antico Pòrtego

Antico Portego Exclusive

Antico Portego Exclusive

Antico Portego 2 is in the widest part of what in the past was probably the main flat of the entire building and it has been recently restored to offer my guest all the modern comforts together with original old venetian furniture.

Come up the stair and you get to the hall where you can have a rest, chat with your friends and play the piano.

Every room has its own bathroom and it’s also equipped with tv, air conditioning and safe. Every room has also a different name .. you understand why when you come in…
The room of Apollo, the only one with a bath, overlooks Rio Terà in front of the B&B : a street very crowded and lively!

Right after the kitchen there are the room of Venus overlooking the same street and the room of stars, both furnished the same way with identical furniture that two of my aunts commissioned a joiner for their marriage at the beginning of last century.

On the other side of the hall you can find two other private rooms. On the left there’s the room of spring with a terrace overlooking our smallest garden and a wardrobe made out of an old fireplace.
On the right instead there’s the room of shells with twin beds and a really peculiar furniture.